Susan Long Ph.D.

Susan Long (Ph.D.) is Professor of Creative and Sustainable Organisation at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where she leads a research concentration in ‘Sustainable Organisation', teaches in postgraduate programs in Organisational Dynamics and supervises research candidates. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, she has worked as a group and organisation consultant and researcher for over twenty-five years. As an organisational consultant she works with organisational change, executive coaching, role analysis, team development and management training. She has worked with government departments, hospitals, prisons, professional associations, financial institutions, insurance companies, airlines and the travel industry and a wide range of service industries.

She is Past President of Group Relations Australia, a past President of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO), past Executive member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management and past member of the clinical college of the APsS. Her research interests involve participatory action research projects in industry, government organizations, health, education and correctional services and have attracted grants through the Australian research Council and industry.

Professor Long also has extensive experience within the field of group relations and has directed several working conferences. She has been a staff member of group relations conferences in Australia, the USA (Bridger Workshop), UK (Leicester), the Netherlands and in Israel; is on the editorial board of two international journals and is editor of Socio-Analysis. Her publications include five books and many articles in collections and scholarly journals.

Books and Book Chapters

Long, S.D. (2008) The Perverse Organisation and its Deadly Sins. Karnac: London

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Refereed Journal Articles:

Editor of a Refereed journal Socio-Analysis (since 1999) AISA, Australia.

Associate Editor of a refereed journal Organisational and Social Dynamics: An international journal for the integration of psychoanalytic, systemic and group relations perspectives. Karnac, London.

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