Mannie Sher, BA, TQAP, FBAP

Social Scientist and Organisational Consultant

Director, The Group Relations Programme
Principal Consultant, Organisational Development & Change

Mannie Sher consults in the social and political domains, in organisational development and change and in the international group relations network.

Mannie has consulted variously to health, education and social services, the construction industry, vehicle manufacture, social care enterprises, financial institutions, prisons, constabularies, art and faith organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

In his group relations role, Mannie has directed the Tavistock Institute's flagship group relations conferences: Authority, Leadership and Organisation: the Leicester conference, and other group relations conferences for specific client organisations, like local government. He liaises and supports fledgling and established group relations organisations in the UK and other countries.

Mannie has held senior management positions in local NHS and voluntary organisations from where many successful consultancy government assignments have been conducted. His expertise in these fields has led colleague consultants to seek his supervision and he runs seminars, workshops and conferences for organisational development consultants and leaders from business, industry, commerce, government, international agencies, universities, the armed forces, the health, social and education services, the arts etc.

Mannie's approach to organisational consultancy and group relations work focuses on producing change through re-defining organisational aims, creating inter-dependent systems of work, and introducing efficient operational strategies. His approach is based upon principles derived from "Tavistock" open systems socio-technical methodologies which examines political influences and relatedness of new technologies, evaluates group belief systems; inter-and intra-group conflict; motivation and productivity; individual, group and organisational identity; role, task, boundary and authority and the exercise of effective leadership. Consultancy to individuals and to small and large organisations focuses on "culture", resistance to change, designing and implementing new strategies, practices and technologies. The thrust of his consultancy is to strengthen leadership and facilitate creative thinking and decision-making among leaders, front-line managers and staff.

June 2008

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