Eliat Aram, PhD, CPsych

Dr. Aram is an Organisational Development and Change Consultant in the Tavistock Institute. She is a practicing chartered psychologist (BPS) and a UKCP registered Gestalt psychotherapist, working as a management coach, process consultant and trainer for organisations both in the public and private sectors with prime interest in issues of team/organisational development and transformation, multi-culturalism and diversity.

Eliat has directed the Tavistock Institute's internationally renowned group relations conference ĎAuthority, Role and Organisation' (the Leicester conference) in 2007 and 2008 and is due to do so again in 2009.

Eliat has worked extensively in group relations, nationally and internationally, in different staff roles, including for the Grubb Institute, UK; IFSI, France; Group Relations Nederland; OFEK, Israel; GRC, India and GRA, Australia.

In Eliat's client work she has developed and run team development courses/ workshops for groups of managers that were informed by the ideas of emergence and self-organisation as well as power dynamics and dialogue. As a management coach she helps, supports and challenges managers through their journey of growth by inviting them to think about and reflect upon their flow of experience as leaders in the corporation.

Eliat has been involved in multi-agency and multi-disciplinary work on leadership programmes helping people on the ground in translating government initiatives and national strategies into local action whilst meeting targets.

Recently she has been working with the Police force, the NHS, Local Government authorities in the UK, a University's Business School, a University's Counselling Service, Banks, Retail Corporations and Pharmaceuticals. These include:

  • An on-going consultation focusing on leadership and management development process for a senior multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team at an NHS Trust;
  • A complex consultation process designed to improve working relationships and building leadership capacity following a severe break down in trust in a large public service organisation;
  • A consultation designed to address issues of diversity and multi-culturalism following a recent merger and take-over in a pharmaceutical multi-national.

Eliat is also the Tavistock Institute's Lead person for the Provision of Coaching including Executive Coaching and the Programme Manager for the AOC (Advanced Organisational Change and Consultating MA Programme).

Eliat was born and raised in Israel, trained as a medic in the IDF where she served for two years. She lives in London with her husband and two children.

Publications include:

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