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Liquid Boundaries - Solid Borders: in need for a transformative leadership

2nd Conference focused on the Mediterranean / 20th International Group Relations Conference in Italy

Thursday 16th March 2017 - Sunday 19th March 2017

Terrasini, Palermo - Sicily

Il Nodo Group, Italy in collaboration with
Ofek, Israel
Italian Psychoanalytic Society
Innova Institute, Spain

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Dear Lady/Sir,

I am writing to invite you to take part in our 20th experiential residential seminar ALI 2017. This will take place in March 2017 in Sicily, the largest island at the centre of an enclosed sea, the Mediterranean, surrounded by highly populated lands, historical epicentre of exchange and conflict.

ALI 2017 will be the second Italian Group Relations Conference focused on the Mediterranean, and Sicily has been chosen as a location symbol of how the different people who formed Western Culture struggled to live side by side. Paul Valery wrote: “The nature of the Mediterranean, the resources it offered and the relations it determined, gave rise to the incredible technical and psychological transformation which, in a few centuries, has made Europeans so different from the rest of the world, and the modern age so different from the past.” With its riches and it contradictions, this island seemed to us the ideal setting to discuss present challenges – the contrast between fluidity and rigidity, the tension between porous borders and the confusion of identities – in order to understand the possibility for change and for a ‘transformative leadership’.

Those emigrants who arrive to Sicily and Greece from Africa and the Middle East are the sign of an evident and profound social problem, having a high economic and psychological cost: instability, corruption, exploitation, deaths by war, by travel, by social unrest. Individual fear and social terror seem to lead to closing in and closing down, to division and isolation. We saw this with the UK leaving the European Union, and with the construction of borders and walls, physical and ideological, higher and thicker in numerous parts of Europe.

Our invitation to participate in this event is for everyone who has an interest in the health and future of society and the organizations in which we live and work. The purpose of the Conference is to explore the impact that ‘mediterranean culture’ has on society, on companies and on group dynamics, both at a conscious and unconscious level. The wish and the challenge for this Conference is to generate a new capacity for ‘transformative leadership’, by exploring the meaning of ‘liquid’ boundaries and ‘solid’ borders within the organizations where we belong and work, which would allow new ways of functioning and working in personal and professional roles.

I remain at your disposal for any query, hoping that we will work together in Sicily.

Yours sincerely,

Luca Mingarelli
Director of the Conference

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Conference Aims and Primary Task

The primary task of the conference is to explore transformative leadership in working across ‘liquid’ boundaries and ‘solid’ borders in the place/time where we live.

For the second edition the FOCUS is on the Mediterranean as a matrix for many countries and cultures, as a receptacle or a container for some of the current group and societal dynamics, apparent in organisational life, business, culture, society within and across nations.

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The Development Aims:
  • Factors that can promote transformative leadership
  • Learning how to manage boundaries (time, space, task) and roles in organizations, as well as the impact of individuals on groups and vice versa.
  • The dynamics of competition and cooperation
  • The nature of authority
  • The relational approaches and relatedness among individuals, groups and organizations
  • The relationship between liquid boundaries and solid borders
  • The relationship between economies and societies
  • The impact of language and of multiple migrant cultures on organisational and business processes/dynamics.
  • Acquiring greater awareness of the emotional, non-rational, unconscious or latent dimensions so that this learning can be used in organizational actio
  • The recognition of the systemic aspects of organizational life in relation to the socio-political, cultural, spiritual and unconscious dimensions at t
  • Understanding and overcoming individual and collective resistance that hinder innovation and the resistance to change in organizations.
  • The improvement of communication inside and outside the organization and the ability to manage human resources and the processes of delegation.
  • The generation of new ideas, practices and methods of intervention to allow organizations to transform and improve
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The Conference is a temporary organization with the aim of exploring and learning from experiencing the conscious and unconscious processes of group dynamics as they manifest in the “here-and-now” through the exercise of authority and leadership. The intention is to generate new thoughts and new learning and to review our knowledge and values; we have the opportunity to experience ourselves in multiple and different roles. Useful elements are provided for an actual and sustainable change in interpreting the different roles in one’s organization and in life, particularly the roles that require an exercise of authority and leadership.

The organization of the Conference and the activities proposes to help participants to learn from their live experience of group and organizational processes, promotes self-reflective skills and encourages a spirit of enquiry. Participants, along with the staff, can critically examine different experiences, working behaviours and interpreting the roles of leaders or followers.

This type of training has no therapeutic intent and can sometimes be stressful. For this reason it is recommended to people at a time of emotional stress or difficulty in their personal lives to postpone their participation next edition.

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A GROUP for those who participate in a Group Relations Conference for the first time
B GROUP for those who have already participated in at least one Conference
T GROUP for those who have already participated in at least two or more Conferences

Taking part in Group Relations Conference can be particularly useful for those who work in business organizations, public services and not-for-profit organizations, for those who are interested in understanding and managing organizations and group dynamics within complex situations and want to enhance their competence and effectiveness in dealing with them.

All organizational processes include an emotional, irrational, and unconscious dimension. When this component is not recognized and managed, the system’s effectiveness decreases or comes to a halt, therefore implying both an emotional and financial cost for the organization itself. Participation in the Conference allows you to observe, recognize and manage this dimension, essential for the functioning of each system and organization.

For this reason the Conference can be particularly effective when two or more members from the same organization register, especially in the case or prospect of prominent changes, crises, mergers, takes-overs, etc. Therefore, if more people from the same organization participate, each will benefit from a discount.

This version of our conference includes a Training group of maximum 12 (Tg). Taking part as a member of the training group is a special path to understanding the processes occurring in the GRC and deepening one’s expertise and ability to recognize and manage them. The Tg is for those who have had previously membership experience of at least two GRCs and are interested in developing this type of learning and applying it in their professional life. The Tg has its own separate schedule, which combines experience with moments of refection on experience.

LANGUAGES: English and Italian.
A consultant will take up the role of interpreter.

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Luca Mingarelli  
Chairman Foundation Rosa dei Venti. Social entrepreneur, Psychotherapist (ECP,WCP). Director of Therapeutic Community for adolescent, Organizations consultant. Faculty of Psychosomatics. Chairman Il NODO Group. OPUS member. Creator and co-director of innovative GR events such as “Energy Cocreation and wellbeing in organizations” and “Learning from Action”. Basketball coach. Member of the Order of Journalists.

Associate Director, Training Group’s director
Josef (Yossy) Triest  PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor, Training Analyst, Organizational Consultant; President, the Israel Psychoanalytic Society (IPS); Supervisor and teacher, the Israel Psychoanalytical Institute; Lecturer, Tel Aviv University; Co-Director, Program in Organizational Consultation and Development:A Psychoanalytic-Systemic Approach (P.O.C.D); Co-owner,Triest-Sarig Clinic; Member, OFE K; Israel.

Associate Director
Giovanni Foresti  
He lives and works in Pavia. Graduated in Medicine and specialist in psychiatry, he is training and supervising analyst of the SPI (Italian Psychoanalytic Institute) and the IPA (international Psychoanalytic Association), associate member of OPUS, London, and member of the scientific committee of IL NODO group, Turin. He teaches at School of Psychatry of the Milano-Bicocca State University and at the Department of Psychology of the Catholic University. He works in private practice as psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and in several institutions as organizational consultant.

Francesco Noseda  
Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst (SIPRe - Italian Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and IFPS - International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies) specialist in group psychoanalysis, psychodrama and psychoanalysis for adolescents, teacher of Group Psychoanalysis and family psychotherapy, Il NODO Group board member. He works in private practice in Milan and Como and as a supervisor and psychotherapist in several communities, and institutions.

Associate Administrator
Elisa Bertana  
Work and Organizational Psychologist. Member and Scientific Secretary of Il Nodo Group. Academic and business background (C.O.I.R.A.G.) Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at individual , group and institutional level. HR consultant and trainer in the following fields: organizational wellbeing, development and career guidance, outplacement, recruitment.

Consultant staff will be drawn from the following list:
Giada Boldetti  (Cagliari 1953)
Physician, psychiatrist, has always worked in public health. Since 2000 she is responsible in psychiatric residential rehabilitation in TCs in Padua. From 2014 she is deputy director of Service Psichiatria I in Padua. She has participated in many GRC both as member and as consultant.

Louisa Diana Brunner  M.Sc.
Organisational and Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Family Business Advisor, Researcher; Selection and Coaching Bocconi School of Management, Milan; Family Firm Institute Mentor; Treasurer PCCA; Honorary Member Il NodoGroup; Member: CSGSS, FFI, ISPSO, OFEK, OPUS.

Carla Cremonese  
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, director of the Community mental health services of the University of Padova Psychiatric Department. Adjunct Professor in the Specialization School in Psychiatry, University of Padova. Member of Il NODO Group, Turin. ALI Staff Member since 2016. Various experiences of clinical supervision in Health Care Services.

Matthieu Daum  
He works internationally as an organisational consultant. He is director of Nexus (Paris, France); Professional Associate, Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Consultancy Service; and also a visiting lecturer at ESSEC Business School, on organisational behaviour and change management.

Franca Fubini  
Psychotherapist, group analyst, supervisor and organizational consultant. Senior fellow at University College London (UCL). Lecturer at the University of Rome, L’Aquila, Perugia. Staff member and director of Group Relations Conferences in Italy and abroad. Co-founder of the association and trustee of Gordon Lawrence Foundation. Il NODO Group Board Member and Scientific Committee Member. Member of OPUS (London) and ISPSO

Amra Saleem Rao  
Consultant Clinical Psychologist. Amra was born in Pakistan and has a South Indian heritage. She is involved in leading and developing psychological services and organisational consultancy in the public and private sectors in UK and internationally. Amra is the chair of BPS Leadership Faculty and is leading a national program on wellbeing and leadership.

Alfredo Veneziale  
Organisational consultant and Project Manager, Social Dreaming Host, Balint Group leader and Analytic Large Group facilitator. Degree in Communication Studies. Master in Human Resources. Member of Il NODO Group.

Consultant Interpreter
Hanna Fisher  
Born in Milan, she trained in Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy at the Tavistock Centre. She works in London an early years specialist therapist, and teaches psychoanalyic theory and infant observation at the Anna Freud Centre. She has worked in several Group Relation Conferences both in Italy and in the UK, as a member, translator and consultant.

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Info and Fees

The conference starts on the 16th March 2017 at 11 am and ends on the 19th March at 5 pm. Checkin and Registration: from 10:00 am to 10:50 am. Participants are expected to attend the whole programme of the conference, which is residential.

The fee includes participation to the Conference plus full board and lodging in a single room. Registration is considered valid upon receipt of the application form duly signed and accompanied by the confirmation of the payment of the booking fee of 250 €. In the case of non-attendance the deposit will not be refunded.

€ 1.250 + VAT BEFORE 16/01/2017
€ 1.500 + VAT AFTER 16/01/2017
€ 1.400 + VAT BEFORE 16/01/2017
€ 1.650 + VAT AFTER 16/01/2017

AGENZIA MOSAICO Via San Secondo, 31 - 10128 Torino
+39 011 5681238

The hotel “Perla del Golfo” is located in the village of Terrasini which is 20 km (20 minutes by car) from the Punta Raisi airport of Palermo. Individual or collective transfers from / to the airport can be arranged.

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Reduced Fees

- 100 € discount on each individual fee
For the simultaneous enrolment of two participants
For the enrolment of two participants from the same organization

- 200 € discount on each individual fee
For simultaneous enrolment of three or more participants
For the enrolment of three or more participants from the same organization
For members from a Mediterranean or Balkan country

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Bursaries can be provided for partecipants under 35 and / or participants from Mediterranean and Balkan countries. Bursaries must be requested by January 16th, 2017 using the application form on the web site

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Web Sites

Il Nodo Group:
Italian Psychoanalytic Society:
Hotel Perla del Golfo:

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