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Leadership, Presence, Authority

Exploring New Leadership for the Caribbean

Thursday 11th October 2018 - Saturday 13th October 2018

University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

Caribbean Group Relations Consulting Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, UK

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Dear Prospective Participant

The Caribbean Community is on the brink of a radical shift in its fortunes, in the context of the wider region for the Americas. How can those running and leading businesses in the Caribbean, as well as those serving and leading in public services and NGOs work together to create a uniquely Caribbean impact in the Americas Region and globally? New Caribbean leadership needs to be able to work effectively in and through uncertainty whilst delivering on their objectives, mastering how not to be paralysed by anxiety.

In many ways, the world we knew and drew certainty from is disappearing before our eyes. The change is not comfortable nor predictable. Whether it is political leadership surprises, economic collapses or social upheaval, breakdown and change, many are wondering:

“How can I survive in this situation?”
“What is the best way to lead and motivate my teams?”
“How do I manage my anxiety and stress caused by the uncertainty?”
“When is the right time to take new action?”

This “conference” is a leadership intensive for those keen to understand and develop a deeper understanding of: Leadership and how to work more skillfully in role presence, how it is experienced and what it means in the context of leadership roles in organizations, Authority, its exercise and how groups affect an individual in role Group Relations conferences are a way of learning for leadership. It is a methodology that offers the opportunity to work with the conscious rational part of ourselves and the sometimes hidden, unconscious thoughts, feelings and ideas.

These hidden dimensions can get in the way of achieving the goals and aspirations set out by leaders and their teams. Deepening the understanding of groups and how to work with them is vital in the new economy. Skill with group dynamics will better equip Caribbean leaders to have the edge in the American Region and foster collaboration across the territories.

You will leave able to see the dynamics in the workplace and community in new ways, take up your role as an active citizen and contribute to the sustainable growth of the Caribbean, and enhance your career trajectory. This is not easy learning – it is for those keen to grow and lead better.

If you are ready to lead in a fresh way, come and explore what new leadership for the Caribbean means at Presence and Authority in October.

Dr Leslie Brissett JP
Conference Director

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Conference Aims and Primary Task

To study the exercise of authority and leadership, through inter-personal, inter-group and institutional relations that develop within the conference as part of its wider context.

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A Group Relations conference is an educational event which is based on learning through experience – the design has been developed by pioneers from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) and other Group Relations organizations around the world, since 1957. The strategic and structural dynamics of organizations can be studied and understood and the knowledge acquired can then be applied. By working through the conscious and unconscious dynamics of leadership and management in organizations members learn by doing, not by being told. The learning is deep and long lasting.

We believe that our conference promotes the integration of intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence so producing leaders who have creative visionary potential, enabling them to work more effectively at helping them- selves and their employees / colleagues / clients to adapt to and take on future roles.

See the link below for further reading on the group relations work of the Tavistock Institute (UK) , and what participants from AK Rice (USA) have to say about their experiences of attending a conference.

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This Conference is for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of managerial and leadership processes in organizations. The Conference provides a structured context of different systems and sub-systems in the “here and now”.
It explores the dynamics of leadership, presence, authority, change, dissent, collaboration and transformation as they arise and unfold.

Participants may come from private and public organizations and includes Business Leaders, Consultants, CEOs, Managers, Clinicians, Administrators, HR, Marketing, Production and Financial Professionals, Public Sector Managers, Local Authorities, Political, Diplomatic, NGOs, Religious, Security, Educators, Activists, Researchers, Team Leaders, Medical Professionals.

Benefits to participants include:
- Identifying personal characteristics while exercising leadership and the effect on others
- Understanding how you influence or are influenced by others and the ensuing consequences-intended or unintended
- Locating and managing resistance to change in yourself and others
- Developing skills and sharpening insights into how strategies take shape when groups function
- Recognizing how phenomena such as alliance and coalition formation affect the understanding of the group, by the group; and how it shapes motives and power bases
- Exploring competition, rivalry and what lies beyond immediate awareness that remain hidden in everyday interaction
- Developing a capacity for creativity and interpersonal relationships and building better team performers
- Inspiring strategic thinking and improving the capacity to lead in turbulent times

Benefits to organizations include:

- Increased capacity to lead and manage in a rapidly changing and complex environment
- Enhanced leadership and communication culture, inspiring higher levels of responsibility, accountability productivity and profitability
- Inspiring healthy interpersonal communication among the leadership and general staff
- Assisting department leaders to align their departments’ goals with the macro objectives of the Organization

Please note: We suggest that if you are living through particular personal difficulties that you consider postponing your attendance to next year as the conference is designed as a learning event and is not a substitute for personal psychotherapy.

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Role of Staff

While staff and members are both participants, the conference accords them different roles. The staff members of the conference are allocated to each of the events in the role of consultants or in the role of collective management to work to the primary task of the event and to the task of the conference as a whole. This they do through the offering of working hypotheses and other forms of interventions. They work by constantly trying to make sense of their own experiences and what is happening for members. It is expected that staff hypotheses and interpretations will also create the possibility for individual members to reflect on what they represent to the group, what they are taking in from the group and what they are contributing to the group, particularly in terms of what may be happening unconsciously and in ways that are more hidden.

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Conference Director
Leslie Brissett   JP, PhD
Group Relations Programme Director, TIHR; Magistrate, FE Governor, ISAAC member, BPC; UK

Associate Director for Administration
Mary Fullerton  EMBA,TIHR (P3C),TIHR (DBL)
Organizational Consultant; Director of Caribbean Group Relations Consulting Ltd; Director of The Buzz Limited; Founder/Director of non-profit ADHD Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago

Consultant staff will be drawn from the following: (inc Mary Fullerton and Leslie Brissett)
Helen Carrington  MSM
Organizational Consultant at Syntegra Change Architects Ltd. ; Accredited Leadership Coach; Team Coach

Camilla Child  MSc, MA
Principal Consultant at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR); Co-Director of the Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change Programme, TIHR (P3C); Accredited Mediator

Urban Hudlin  OP, MSc, MA, TIHR (P3C), TIHR (DBL)
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Dublin; Dominican Priest; Director of Veritas Consultancy; Director of Caribbean Group Relations Consulting Ltd.

Keith Lequay  PhD
Organizational Psychologist; Associate and Director, AKRice Institute (USA); Former President T&T Association of Psychologists

Kathleen Stroud  MA
Leadership and Organizational Analyst; Director Leadership Core Ltd.

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Info and Fees

11th to 13th October, 2018

School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Agostini Street, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Note: This is a non-residential conference. For participants outside of Trinidad, a number of local hotels and venues can be received from the conference Associate Director for Administration, Mary Fullerton: T: 868 681 3483

TT$3950.00 / US$643.00

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Reduced Fees

TT$400.00 / US$65.00 book by 15 August 2018

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The conference fee includes lunch and evening snack.
On registration, payments can be made through bank transfer or cheques.

Wednesday 19th September, 2018
Cancellation incurred before 30th August, 2018: 50% After 30th August, 2018: No refund

For more information and an application form below:
or contact Mary Fullerton, Associate Director for Administration
T: 868 681 3483

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Web Sites

Caribbean Group Consulting:
AK Rice: http://
Application form:
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations:

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